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Industrial deafness » Young people and deafness

An increasing number of people are being allowed to listen to music in the workplace, especially in offices for work that doesnt involve using the phone. As a rule of thumb, if other employees can hear the music, then the sound level is too high. Manufacturers are taking the reports seriously by introducing volume limiters into models they produce so that consumers cannot sue them for deafness.

Employers in some industrial and construction environments are also allowing employees to listen to music while they work to keep them happy and motivated. Loud machinery combined with even louder amplified music can cause significant ear damage and can contribute to industrial deafness.

Lack of awareness about ear sensitivity and damage to the ear canal contributes to the amount of exposure to loud music people are willing to experience. Visiting noisy bars for work and social events can contribute further to hearing loss.

Young people working in bars and pubs or in the music industry have the worst deal of all, being subjected to significantly loud music on a fairly consistent basis.

A third of workers in jobs with high noise levels leave work with impaired hearing and 20 % suffer from tinnitus. The Noise at Work Regulations state employers must take specific steps to reduce noise hazards. For more information about the regulations, visit the HSE website at www.hse.gov.uk.

Many young people suffer from deafness as a result of excessive exposure to noise at work. Over the years, the daily barrage of amplified sound can take its toll and cause irreparable damage to the ear canal.

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