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Motorbike accidents » Windscreen pillars

Motorcycle accidents involving car drivers at junctions - when a car cuts across the path of a motorcycle - happen so often that the apologetic phrase Sorry mate, I didnt see you is now widely known by the acronym SMIDSY. Read more about SMIDSY at www.smidsy.org.uk.

Hazardous windscreen pillars

Many car windscreen pillars are of a width that can totally obscure motorcycles and bicycles from view. This increases the likelihood of them being the source of a motorcycle accident claim.

This is a particular danger when emerging from junctions or roundabouts, and drivers should always look for long enough to ensure that nothing is hidden from view.
Recent European research into motorcycle accidents revealed that nearly 70 % of crashes involved a car, lorry or a bus and that almost 55 % of all collisions happen at road junctions.

Motorcyclists make up a small percentage of all motor traffic but account for 18 % of deaths and serious injuries. A motorbike rider is 45 times more likely to be killed in a motorcycle accident than a car driver. Unfortunately, there are indications that these figures are rising.

The Department of Transport has recently produced evidence that look but failed to see (LBFTS) motorcycle accidents play a significant part in the causes of 20 % of road accidents. And with motorbike injuries typically of a much more serious nature than injuries sustained in other types of road traffic accident, the need for action is clear.

Driver vision and road safety

Driver vision is being identified as a significant contributory factor to road safety and, as many motorcycle accidents could be avoided if car windscreen pillars gave better vision, lobbying work has been carried out against the motoring industry to encourage it to take up the issue. It is hoped that this action will also have the effect of reducing the incidence of motorcycle accident claims.

An article published in BIKE magazine discussed windscreen pillars as being a major factor in road accidents. Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign, joined forces with BIKE to highlight this unacknowledged safety issue.

Adam Duckworth, publisher of BIKE says, The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) and the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) are already taking our findings on board and have agreed to join forces with us to lobby the government and car manufacturers.
More information about the BMF can be found at www.bmf.co.uk.

Motorcycle accident compensation claims

Injuries commonly sustained by riders and pillion passengers are often extremely serious, especially if the riders head has struck the windscreen of a car or motorcycle. Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable on the road than car drivers, not only because they are at greater risk of having accidents themselves but also because they have much less protection from impact, with the risk of brain and spinal injuries of major concern.

If you have sustained injuries as a result of a non-fault or partial-fault motorcycle accident and believe you are entitled to compensation, we may well be able to assist you in making your personal injury claim.

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