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Holiday Accidents » Water sport accidents

Many people undertake some water sports or other sporting activity when abroad, with swimming, boating, and skiing some favourite holiday pursuits. However, after slips and falls on land, water sports are the next most likely way for a holiday accident to occur.

Sports accidents on holiday

For people going to a hot country, the chances are they will be taking to the water at some point. However, many accidents occur whilst in the water, with diving into swimming pools, scuba diving, and jet-ski accidents claiming many victims each year.

For people who prefer a colder climate, skiing and snowboarding present significant hazards. For example, one in three hundred Britons who go skiing sustain a holiday injury.

Many people who are negligently injured on holiday do not make a holiday accident claim because they do not realise compensation is available to them. If you have been injured as a result of poorly maintained or defective equipment, a lack of supervision or training, or an absence of warning signs, we may well be able to help you make a successful holiday accident claim.

If your situation is not listed here or you would like to discuss it further, please call us on 01582 635096 and we can provide a free holiday accident claim assessment.

Making a holiday accident claim

If you were on a package holiday and the sports activity in which you were injured was part of the package deal, you should be able to make a compensation claim against the tour operator in Britain.

If you were not on a package holiday or the sports activity was not included in the package deal, the likelihood is your personal injury claim will be made in the country in which you were injured.

Whether your holiday accident claim is in the UK or abroad, we are able to provide first rate representation for you. Our personal injury solicitors are extremely experienced in claims involving accidents abroad and achieve an excellent claim success rate.

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