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Product liability » Vehicle defects and PL

When you buy a new car, you expect the very best. Logically a new car should include all the latest technology, be rigorously tested and be free from fault or defect.

However, as many buyers discover, just because a car is new, there can be no absolute guarantee that it will work without fault or complication. Some drivers of new cars may sometimes even find that they need to make a product liability claim to compensate for the fault or defect.

A product liability claim against one of the worlds powerful vehicle manufacturers can seem like a daunting prospect. Such product liability claims are very much in the mould of David and Goliath.

Consumers though should not be dissuaded from making this kind of product liability claim simply because they are afraid of coming up against a formidable opponent.

The product liability claim process exists to allow consumers to ensure their rights in the face of large and powerful manufacturers and producers.

One example of a vehicle manufacturer defect that consumers would be able to make a product liability claim for comes from 2001 when Ford finally accepted that the ignition on many of its models had a serious defect which caused it to break in hot conditions.

\"\\\"Even Ford themselves admitted that this product liability fault was responsible for at least 11 deaths and 31 personal injuries.

Ford consumers made a number of product liability claims relating to this defect. These claims were for such things as repair work and personal injuries people had suffered. What all claims had in common is that they centred on the issue of product liability in relation to the defective ignition.

This is not the only time Ford has been the focus of product liability claims. Also in 2001, the Firestone tyres on many of their vehicles came under the spotlight. Evidence had emerged linking these defective tyres with a number of fatal car accidents.

A number of angry consumers decided to make a class action product liability claim against the tyre manufacturer. Eventually, after some denial of liability, Firestone accepted responsibility and paid up over $1billion (US) in product liability claims to affected consumers.

Such examples prove that it is possible for David to slay Goliath in a product liability compensation claim.

Making a no win, no fee claim for product liability compensation

If you have suffered personal injuries as a result of a defective or faulty product, you may be able to make a successful product liability claim.

Our panel of no win, no fee solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with product liability claims.

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