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Holiday Accidents » Trip and falls abroad

A slip or fall whilst abroad can ruin a holiday, especially if it was not your fault. We help people who have suffered a holiday injury as a result of negligence to get compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as for the loss of enjoyment of their holiday.

Slips, trips and falls abroad

There are plenty of ways in which slips and falls happen; a newly mopped floor left without a sign, an unsafe balcony, an overflowing swimming pool, and uneven flooring with no warnings, to name just a few. Many establishments abroad do not enforce a high level of health and safety, and thousands of travellers each year suffer holiday injuries as a result.

If you suffered a slip or fall injury whilst on a package holiday activity, you may well be able to make a holiday injury claim against the tour operator with whom you booked the trip. This means you can make your compensation claim in England just as if you had been injured at home.

If you were not on a package holiday when you suffered your holiday injury, you are likely to have to pursue compensation in the country in which it happened. We may well still be able to help you, so call us on 01582 437070 for a free valuation.

Making a holiday injury claim

If you have suffered a holiday injury after a slip, trip or fall that was not your fault, our personal injury solicitors may well be able to help you get compensation. They maintain an excellent success rate through their hard work and dedication to getting the maximum compensation for customers.

It will cost you absolutely nothing to make a holiday accident claim with us, our personal injury solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis and we ensure you are completely protected from costs.

If you are considering a holiday injury claim and wish to find out more, call us on 01582 437070 and we will be happy to help you claim for compensation.