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Industrial deafness » Tinnitus treatment

Although there is no known cure for tinnitus, recent advances present new approaches to dealing with tinnitus that can help people recover their health and mental balance. Tinnitus can be brief or long-lasting and can result in headaches, migraines, insomnia, anxiety and a reluctance to spend time in noisy environments.

Damage to the sensory cells in the inner ear, fluid imbalance and hyperactive brain cells are some of the known causes of tinnitus. Exposure to loud noises in the workplaces is known to contribute to tinnitus and can even lead to industrial deafness.

De-tinnitising amplifier

This product is a battery-powered device a few inches high that you use with earphones like a mini-radio and it replaces high-pitched tinnitus with external sounds of the same frequency. The brain favours information-bearing content over tinnitus, making the tinnitus redundant.

At around only 30 this is said to be a cost-effective solution, especially as most digital hearing aids cost well over 1000 and certainly represents a sound investment for someone to invest an money gained from a tinnitus compensation claim.

Sound therapy

This therapy process uses special recordings of filtered classical music that stimulate the ear and brain. The high and low tones exercise the middle ear muscles and receptor cells in the inner ear.

As the ear becomes receptive to the high frequency sounds, these are then sent to the brain, which gradually becomes more energised, reducing tiredness and making it and the body feel more relaxed and peaceful.

While the cost of this therapy can sometimes be quite expensive, some people find it to be a useful and rewarding treatment with which to invest compensation awarded in a work accident claim for tinnitus.

Food and nutrition to help tinnitus

Nutritional products and herbs that some claim are particularly good for tinnitus include mulberries, ginkgo nut, black sesame seed, bilberry, manganese and vitamin B12. Scientists suggest that there is a strong connection between tinnitus and food and that poor diet can accelerate and promote the condition.

Recommendations for food intake to help attack tinnitus include a fruit and vegetable juice diet, a month-long daily garlic juice drink (to lower blood pressure). Nutritionists also believe that cutting sugar from the diet reaps rewards, as there are studies linking sugar with an increase in symptoms of the condition. Increasing magnesium and potassium-rich food has also been shown to help. This can include apricots, baked potatoes, bananas, leafy greens and nuts. Read more about tinnitus at www.tinnitus.org

Making a tinnitus compensation claim

Tinnitus can be infuriating and can cause complications by creating headaches and migraines. Masking sounds by listening to radio static, for example, is often not enough to get rid of aggravating noises.

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