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Holiday Accidents » Swimming pool accidents abroad

The swimming pool of a hotel or holiday complex can be one of the major selling points in the brochure, but can also be one of the accident blackspots. Care is often enough to avoid many of the injuries that could happen to you poolside, but every year there are some holidaymakers whose week in the sun ends, through no fault of their own, with the need to make a holiday accident claim.

Personal injuries by the pool

There are several personal injuries that could occur near the swimming pool. The most obvious is probably the possibility of slipping on water that has been splashed, or has overflowed, on to the surface around the pool. The hotel staff should be conscientious in keeping the pool area as safe as possible, and you can help to avoid an accident by walking carefully.

That water, however, may contain more unpleasant substances than chlorine. Some pool water contains cryptosporidium, for example, a parasite that can cause sickness and stomach cramps severe enough to ruin a holiday. Care should therefore be taken not to ingest pool water, but you may be able to make a holiday accident claim should you be afflicted with this nasty bug.

There are, sadly, often stories of holidaymakers incurring spinal injuries from diving into pools that are deceptively shallow. The hotel or complex owner should have ensured that there is sufficient signage to prevent this, if not providing pool staff.

Making a holiday accident claim for swimming pool injuries

If you have had your break spoiled by an injury, whether this happened around the pool or not, you may be entitled to compensation. HappyClaim advisors are ready to discuss your case and to help you work out whether you could make a holiday accident claim.

In every holiday injury case that we take on, we operate on a no win, no fee basis, protecting you from costs at each point. You will be matched with a specialist personal injury solicitor to work on your case.

It costs nothing to contact us either. Our hotline is 01582 437070, and you can also request an advisor to call you at a time of your choosing by completing our call-back form to discuss your holiday accident case with an advisor.

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