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It is a well-known fact that the UK motorcycle accident rate is greatly increased by weekend riders who ride more as a sport and leisure activity than as a form of practical transportation.

Such riders account for a large proportion of motorbike traffic and tend to be involved in a disproportionate number of motorcycle accident compensation cases, often because they are the less experienced so-called born-again riders who take to motorcycling in middle age.

However, their value to the UK economy is clear: motorcycle sport is thought to be worth around 750 pounds to the UK economy and accounts for 4.5% of all UK sporting revenue.

And, although the vast majority of riders abide by road safety laws and ride within the speed limit, there are some whose thirst for motorcycling thrills goes unquenched because of a perceived lack of both facilities and recognition.

A spokesperson from the Auto Cycle Union Ltd (ACU) comments, Research, coupled with the ACUs own activities, shows that motorcycle sport is extremely popular and contributes massively to the economy it is one of the most publicly engaging sports and there is no denying its positive influence on the economy.

There is no better time for the Government to recognise motorcycle sport and to link the motorcycle sport Code of Practice under the Road traffic Act. The ACU and other motorcycle sport bodies are also calling for Government to develop a UK motorcycle sport strategy, as this will allow bike sport to flourish and continue to contribute to financial, safety and social benefits, while growing under a Government recognised mandate.

It is clear the sport deserves real recognition and support from Government and we call on them to respond.

However, injuries can occur in even the most high profile race events. A spokesperson from motorcycle accident claim specialist HappyClaim comments, A number of race events in the UK, such as the Isle of Man races, have, over the years, shown us that it may be possible to claim compensation for injury sustained while attending or participating in organized motorbike sport.

Motorcycling is popular and we back the ACUs call to improve safety practice.

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If you been involved in a motorcycle accident, whether on a private road or on the public highway, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injury, loss or earnings and medical expenses.

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