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Vibration White Finger » Sources of VWF

Vibration White Finger is an industrial illness that affects over 300,000 workers in the UK. It can be caused in a number of ways, although the most common is through the use of vibrating power-driven tools in the construction industry.

These include drills, chainsaws, concrete vibrators, levelers, needle guns, sanders, grinders and jackhammers. Other power tools that can cause VWF include power lawnmowers, domestic power drills, industrial buggies and even some electronic games with hand controls that vibrate.

\Although construction workers are most likely to suffer from Vibration White Finger, they are not the only people affected by this industrial illness. It is, for example, quite possible for a dentist to suffer from VWF as a result of regularly using vibrating dentistry tools.

However, hand tools are not the only source of vibration that can damage the human body.

The effect of vibrating surfaces

Workers who are sitting or standing on a vibrating floor or seat while they work are exposed to Whole Body Vibration, in which the vibration runs through their entire body while they work.

There are many examples of Whole Body Vibration in the agriculture industry, such as in employees that drive work vehicles like fork-lift trucks, tractors or machines that turn and plough earth.

Constant vibration affecting the whole body can eventually alter the shape of the bodys tendons, muscles, bones and joints, often causing pain and discomfort. The risk of injury from exposure to vibration depends on the intensity, frequency and duration of exposure.

Hearing loss and vibrating tools

Since most vibrating machines and tools produce noise, vibration-exposed workers are often exposed to noise from their tools as well as vibration. Studies show that although Whole Body Vibration does not cause hearing loss on its own, a worker exposed to noise and vibration at the same time faces a greater chance of hearing loss.

Claiming Vibration White Finger compensation

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