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All new owners of a small business will be faced with the question of whether they should take out product liability insurance. To many it will be a vexing conundrum: the risk of facing any kind of compensation claim may be small, but the potential legal and compensatory costs of any such claim could spiral to the extent that the business owner ends up facing bankruptcy.

Some small retailers will sidestep this question by telling themselves that since they are not the manufacturer or wholesale supplier, they will not be considered liable for any consequences resulting from defective or dangerous goods.

However, this is a misconception that can get the retailer into real difficulty. Yes, normally the manufacturer or supplier will be considered liable, but in instances where these parties are unable to be traced or there is evidence that the product suffered damage while in the hands of the retailer, the retailer will be considered responsible for paying out any necessary sum of compensation.

If a retailer opts not to take out the relevant insurance, even fighting off a product liability claim successfully can leave a small retailers finances crippled by legal costs and fees. Losing a claim will have more disastrous consequences, with the retailer needing to pay out compensation, sums for medical expenses, as well as legal fees for both the claimant and defendant sides.

These details do not even factor in the peace-of-mind that comes with having the right insurance. Furthermore, being insured means that, in the event of being forced to defend a claim, retailers save valuable time and inconvenience by having their insurers deal with most of the essential legal red tape. For these reasons, the consensus among financial and insurance experts is that all businesses should seek to take out liability insurance.

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