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Work Accidents » Scaffolding accidents

An estimated 65 % of the construction industry, or 2.3 million workers, regularly use scaffolding so that employees can access difficult-to-reach areas of buildings.

Scaffolds are extremely dangerous if constructed badly or used incorrectly. Around 50 people die each year in the UK because of scaffolds that have collapsed and over 4,500 are injured due to faulty or defective scaffolds.

Construction workers are twice as likely as workers in other industries to suffer from a non-fatal work -related accident and falling from a great height, like scaffolding, is one of the biggest problems.

The causes of scaffolding accidents

Bricklayers, electricians, painters, miners and electricians all use scaffolds which can put them at high risk of work-related accidents. Insecure bracing, use of shoddy construction materials and lack of attention to safety procedures can all lead to scaffolding accidents.

In a recent study, 72 % of workers injured in scaffolding accidents said the accident was caused either by planking giving way, or by an employee slipping or being struck by a falling object.

Work-related scaffolding accidents can also happen during construction if scaffolding is incorrectly constructed or installed, causing the scaffolding to collapse and injure anyone on, beneath or around the scaffold.

It is estimated that employers lose 90 million in lost workdays every year because they are not taking the necessary steps to protect workers on scaffolds and prevent injuries and deaths.

Scaffolding regulations

The main regulations surrounding the scaffolding industry are the Work At Height Regulations which the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) say are essentially criminal law.

These work-related accident regulations are governed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that employers stick to British and European scaffolding standards.

When three workers suffered serious injuries as scaffolding at a Milton Keynes construction site collapsed dramatically in 2006, questions were raised about the efficacy of scaffolding regulations in the UK.

Nonetheless, the British construction industry is still said to be one of the best regulated in terms of safety and the number of scaffolding accidents has dropped in the last five years. However, other unpredictable factors like wind are still a big threat and cause of work-related accidents involving scaffolding.

Workers Memorial Day takes place every year on April 28th and there are usually marches about scaffolding issues.

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