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Holiday Accidents » Road accident abroad

Since 2003, it has been much easier to make a holiday accident claim following a personal injury in a road accident abroad. The 4th EU Motor Directive was brought in to help people who have been injured in a road accident in a foreign country to get compensation for their injuries.

Claiming compensation in your own country after a road accident in Europe

The 4th EU Motor Directive dictates that all insured cars in the EU are registered on a database. If the injured person has the registration plate of the car at fault in the road accident, the details of their insurance company can be found through this database. This shared database makes it much more likely that a successful holiday accident claim can be made against the person who caused the road accident.

The Directive also states that the insurer of the person who caused the road accident must nominate a representative in the home country of the injured party. This means that holiday accident claims can be dealt with by a personal injury solicitor in your own country without the need for you to find and fund foreign representation.

The final order of the Directive means that there must be someone to answer the holiday accident claim. If the insurance company can be identified, then a personal injury claim can be made against them. If the insurance company cannot be identified or is being extremely slow in handling the claim, there must a body in place that can handle the road accident claim instead. In the UK, it is the Motor Insurers Bureau that handles claims for untraceable drivers who have caused road accidents.

If you have been injured in a road accident outside Europe, you may well have to pursue holiday accident compensation in the country where the accident happened. For more information, please call us on 01582 437070 and we will be happy to evaluate your claim.

Making a holiday accident claim

The rate of road accidents is much higher in some parts of Europe than in Britain, resulting in many British people being killed or injured in accidents abroad each year. The chance of being involved in a fatal road accident doubles in mainland Europe, and even triples in Greece and Portugal.

If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, taxi accident, coach accident, or any other type of road accident whilst travelling abroad, we can help you to make a successful holiday accident claim.

We offer free legal advice to anyone considering a holiday accident claim, so call 01582 437070 today or fill in an online claim form and we will call you back.