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Motorbike accidents » Riding in groups

Motorcycling in groups can be a lot of fun, whether you are setting off on a long tour abroad or just going for a two-hour ride on a Sunday afternoon. However, it can be a lot less fun if the group gets separated.

The group can get split up very easily through a motorcycle accident or breakdown, or someone taking a wrong turn. Here are some simple ways that you can help the group stay together:

  • Plan, to make sure everyone is familiar with the route
  • Agree the order you are going to ride in, and stick to it
  • Keep an eye out for the person behind you

Make sure everyone is familiar with the route

Ensure that each member of the group has a copy of the route you are planning to take, and that they know where all of the rendezvous spots are. Regular rendezvous spots are important so that you can all have a break and reassemble before heading out again, and any problems that have become apparent on the journey can be dealt with.

Mobile phones are great for keeping in contact when you are stopped, but not so great for when you are riding, after all, who wants to liable for a motorbike injury claim. Remember to turn on your mobile phone at every rendezvous stop so that if anyone has got left behind, they can make contact.

Agree the order you are going to ride in

It is crucial to have an agreed order to ride in, and to stick to it, otherwise it is easy for people to be left behind without anyone realising. The person leading should be someone who knows the route, and has the good motorcycling skills necessary for setting a reasonable pace.

At the back should be an experienced rider who can round up any stragglers and help if someone needs to stop. Newer motorcyclists with less experience of group riding should ideally be kept somewhere in the middle so that they dont get lost or left behind.

Keep an eye out for the person behind you

Rather than playing follow the leader, which can result in less experienced riders having to ride faster than they are comfortable with, instead make sure you keep the person behind you in sight. This way you are riding to their speed, rather than the reverse.

It is less likely that anyone will get lost if everyone can see at least one other person in the group at all times.

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