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Passenger injuries » Railway accidents since 2000

The most tragic railway accident to occur in the UK was on 22nd May 1915, when a wooden troop train and a passenger train collided at Quintinshill near Gretna Green and this fatal accident claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

This was of course before the days of personal injury clam firms, meaning many passengers who were harmed or killed on this train, and their relatives, would have gone without the passenger injury compensation that they deserved.

In the last ten years the UK has seen some of the worst railway accidents that it has known, including the Selby rail crash and the Potters Bar disaster which happened within 15 months of each another. A chronology of some of the most terrible railway accidents to have occurred since 2000 follows:

17th October 2000 - Hatfield rail crash

A GNER London-Leeds express travelling at around 115 mph derailed at Hatfield, Hertfordshire as a result of a faulty rail. Four were killed and 102 suffered personal injuries. This lead to the biggest and most expensive re-railing exercise in British history and a gruelling court battle against operator Railtrack who were found guilty but manslaughter charges were not sustained.

28th February 2001 - Selby rail crash

This railway accident was caused by the driver of a Landrover who fell asleep while travelling on the M62. He ran off the road and down the embankment, into the path of an express GNER train from York to London King Cross.

Miraculously, the driver escaped from the car seconds before it was hit at speed by the oncoming train. This caused the train to derail and subsequently collide with a freight train coming in the opposite direction. 10 were killed and many more sustained passenger injuries.

10th May 2002 - Potters Bar rail crash

Seven people were killed in this fatal accident and 11 suffered serious personal injuries when the WAGN 1245 northbound service from London to Kings Lynn crashed at Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Just a few miles from the site of the Hatfield crash, three of the trains four carriages derailed and one ploughed along the platform, smashing at high speed into a bridge.

15th February 2004 - Tebay railway accident

A sleeper transporter trolley carrying 16 tonnes of rails became detached from a maintenance train south of Carlisle. Its breaks were defective and it continued to roll down the track until it struck four workmen who were repairing the line at Tebay, just north of Penrith. Network rail was subsequently prosecuted for the tragic work accident.

6th November 2004 - Ufton Nervet rail crash

A high speed train smashed into a stationary car on a level crossing at 100 mph. It was thought that the car driver was making a suicide attempt. This caused the train to derail, killing five train passengers, the train driver and car driver. Also, more than 100 passenger injuries were sustained.

7th July 2005 - London bombings

Four terrorist bomb attacks occurred on Londons transport system during the morning rush hour; three suicide bombers targeted underground trains and one targeted a bus. The attacks took place on the eastbound Circle Line just outside Liverpool Street, on the westbound Circle Line just outside Edware Road, the southbound Piccadilly Line just outside Kings Cross and on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square.

52 passengers and by-standards were killed in the attacks as well as the four suicide bombers, 100s sustained serious personal injuries which resulted in many court cases for reasonable compensation claim settlements.

26th November 2005 - Moy, near Inverness, railway accident

A First ScotRail British Rail Class 170 DMU derailed after colliding with debris from a landslide caused by extreme local weather conditions. Nine people were airlifted to hospital as a result.

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