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Holiday Accidents » Quad biking accidents

Going on holiday is great fun; you go somewhere different, the sun is shining and you want to try new and exciting activities such as quad biking, perhaps. It all seems thrilling and harmless, but following several recent reports of tragic quad bike accidents causing, sometimes, fatal holiday injury, we would like to offer some safe quad biking tips.

Quad biking to avoid holiday injury

As quad bikes are mainly for off-road use, they do not conform to road regulations. Unless modified they will not have legal tyres, lights, horn, speedometer etc. If you are riding a quad bike check that it conforms to the road regulations of the country you are in. Even a modified quad bike may not be suitable for the road conditions you will be facing. Riding on the road is very different from hill climbing and off-road scrambling.

Always wear a crash helmet, even if local laws do not require it. Your holiday insurance may be compromised if you decide not to wear one.

It is also recommended that you wear protective clothing such as boots, biking jackets and trousers etc. Some of the worst biking injuries are caused when a rider comes off a bike and hits the road beneath him or her; devastating skin injuries can occur unless bare flesh is adequately protected.

Unless specially designed, quad bikes are not designed to carry passengers. An extra rider can unbalance the machine, making it difficult to handle, and so, the likelihood of a toppling accident is increased.

Know what weather and terrain conditions you will face whilst riding. Make sure your quad bike is suitable for those conditions.

Above all, exercise caution. If you do not ride at home, being on holiday may make you feel like you can do anything and that everything is fun, but there is a large element of danger. Quad bikes are powerful pieces of machinery and have the potential to kill.

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