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Industrial deafness » Pulsatile tinnitus

The symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus differ from those of the more commonly known condition.

The pulsatile variety is usually perceived as a rhythmical noise or sensation in the ear of the sufferer. Generally speaking, if the symptoms occur at the same rhythm as the pulse rate, it can be assumed that it is of a pulsatile nature.

It is usually easier to identify the cause of pulsatile tinnitus than it is that of the ordinary variety. Most commonly, it is caused by a change to the rate of blood flow near the ear. In some cases it may simply be that the sufferer has become more aware of this blood flow.

Changes in blood flow can be attributable to changes in lifestyle, an increase in the intensity and/or frequency of exercise, pregnancy or an anaemia-related thyroid condition such as thyrotoxicosis.

Sometimes the condition can be cause by artherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries, which causes the flow of blood to become turbulent, consequently resulting in a turbulent sound in the ears of the sufferer.

The condition can also have several other, more complex, causes, making it essential that anyone who suspects they might have the condition contacts a doctor for thorough investigation.

A doctor will then usually investigate using techniques such as ultrasound, MRI scanning, MRA scanning, CT scanning, angiography, blood tests or thyroid function tests.

Depending on its cause, the condition may be treatable. For example, those whose condition is anaemia-related will probably respond positively to a prescription of iron supplements. In some cases, retraining therapy may be the most efficacious treatment.

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