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Motorbike accidents » Protective clothing

Most bikers are aware of the dangers of motorcycling and, in light of these risks, most ride accordingly. They ride defensively in order to anticipate accidents and to try and protect themselves from collisions with other road users. Without the protection that a car affords its occupants, a motorcycle is especially vulnerable to cars and the actions of their drivers. Driver error is one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents. Even the most momentary lack of concentration can lead to serious personal injury. For that reason all bikers need to deck themselves out in protective clothing from top to toe.

What to wear

Bikers dont have the luxury of side impact bars, air bags or seat belts to protect them. Their only option, in addition to driving defensively, is to wear the very best clothing that they can afford. There are a couple of choices available to bikers, however the main priority is to buy a suit that meets the highest performance standards.

There are a few questions to consider when buying your protective clothing. First of all you should consider exactly what you need. For example do you need additional clothing to keep you warm or to make you visible to other drivers? What time of year will you be riding most? If you will be riding during the summer months you should look for outfits with ventilation holes. Some suits are lighter but may not offer as much protection. Depending on the distance you are travelling and the amount of movement you need you should try to get as much protection as possible. You can also buy made-to-measure or off-the-peg clothing. This is entirely up to you and the choice may be down to finance. The final option and maybe the most contentious aspect of buying your biking clothes, is the material you go for.

Leather or Kevlar?

Leathers are the traditional material for protective clothing. Leather is extremely strong and is very good in terms of abrasive resistance. Bovine material is better than sheep or goat and has a better tear strength. In tests it has been shown that a single layer of denim, like that in a standard pair of jeans, only has a tenth of the strength of bovine leather.

Synthetic materials such as Kevlar also have excellent strength and abrasive resistance. Whatever material you choose, it should be as thick and as heavy as possible, thus providing more protection.

Buying your clothing

First and foremost you should check that the clothing meets European standards such as EN 1621-1 and EN 13595. The suit should have a lining to absorb moisture, preferably in cotton; however nylon is stronger but could melt. You should aim for double thickness of the outer shell in the most vulnerable areas. Some rows of stitching should be covered to protect structural seams from sunlight and general abrasion before an accident.

You should obviously be very sure that the garment fits you well. Simply try it on and check that it is not too tight or too lose. You should have a good range of movement and consider what you will be wearing under the garments.

Being involved in an accident

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a motorcycle accident then you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim. If it can be shown that your accident was caused by someone else then you are legally entitled to compensation for your losses and physical and emotional suffering. Our personal injury claim solicitors specialise in motorcycle injury and will give you free legal advice about your accident.

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