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Product liability » Product liability law

We are a nation of keen consumers of everything from electrical goods and machinery to cosmetics and clothing and while we expect these products to reach us in good condition and perform their functions safely this may not always be the case.

There are instances when some products may be faulty or defected and as a result they cause serious personal injury to consumers. This is why there is a need for a stringent product liability law to be in place.

Since 1987 this has been the case. The Consumer Protection Act of 1987, which incorporates the European Product Safety Directive, was introduced to make the process of pursuing product liability claims far simpler.

All of those that sell products or services to consumers from a base in the European Union are obliged to comply with this act by public liability law.

Under this act, consumers are able to make a product liability claim against a manufacturer of a product that could be shown to have caused you personal injury. This personal injury could include anything from burn injuries caused by faulty Christmas tree lights, facial scarring after use of contaminated face cream or salmonella from consuming factory produced confectionary.

There are four main types of compensation claim that can be made under the existing product liability law:

  • Manufacturing: contamination occurs during the manufacturing process
  • Design: a product is poorly designed and presents a danger
  • Warnings: a manufacturer fails to display warnings on a dangerous product
  • Failure to recall: a manufacturer finds fault with a product but fails to recall product

With each product being subject to product liability law under the Consumer Protection Act of 1987, personal injury compensation claims for any of the above reasons made by consumers with strong cases are likely to be successful.

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