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Passenger injuries » Preventing injuries

There are many steps that can be taken towards reducing the risk of passenger injuries by travel companies who are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the people who choose to travel on their public transport systems.

Trains and busses are controlled by specific organisations according to the region that they operate in. For example, Stagecoach is responsible for many of the buses that run throughout the UK and a variety of train companies, from First Great Western to Northern Rail, operate under Network Rail.

Also, there are a number of major airlines and ferry companies that are based in the UK, such as PO which owns a large fleet of passenger ferries that run between the UK and the Continent and British Airways, one of our biggest airline companies.

Those who work for public transport organisations are expected to operate and manage the transport vehicles safely and efficiently. Customer welfare is key for public transport companies because as far as compensation claims for passenger injuries are concerned, prevention is better than cure.

It is not unusual for crew members, conductors and other employees to undergo rigorous training schemes of which health and safety recommendations designed to reduce the risk of passenger injuries may include:

  • Maintaining high standards of housekeeping and cleanliness
  • Making sure that walkways are kept free from clutter
  • Making sure all exit ways are clear, easy to access, well-lit and signposted
  • Making sure that floor surfaces are non-slip and flooring is well-laid
  • Regularly monitoring the condition of seating and other passenger facilities
  • Making sure that any breakages are seen to promptly
  • Making sure that lighting works effectively
  • Making sure that all safety information and advice is well displayed and accessible
  • Making sure that passengers utilise safety features, such as wearing seatbelts, where supplied

Making a claim for passenger injuries

If you are one of the many Britains who have suffered passenger injuries at the hands of a negligent travel company or as a result of a bus, train, ferry, aeroplane, taxi or car accident that was not your fault, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

No matter who was responsible for your passenger injuries, you should not be fearful of making a claim against them. We can help you to claim for pain, suffering, medical expenses and other damages that you are fully entitled to.

For free legal advice or to make a compensation claim for your passenger injuries call 01582 437070.