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Birth injury » Pregnancy planning

All parents awaiting the birth of a baby or those planning a pregnancy want to avoid a birth injury compensation claim at all costs, and for many prospective parents the choosing of where and how the birth will take place are key factors in their total birth experience.

A useful tool in the planning of childbirth can be found at the BirthChoiceUK website where information and statistics regarding maternity units across the UK is available in a clear and easily accessible format.

It is a public service website created by two South London childbirth educators and a freelance statistician who believe that parents should be able to make an informed choice about their antenatal and childbirth care. Their site states that in 2000 a survey of women revealed that over half would have liked additional information of some type at their first antenatal appointment. The most common gap in the knowledge base of most women was what they should expect from pregnancy care services and what options were available.

Statistics on the website are fully referenced, and easy to use tables compare rates of birth intervention at maternity units around the country. You can compare your local unit with nearby centres and see how each of them fares against national average figures for induction rates, caesarean rates, instrumental delivery and normal births.

The site also presents straightforward lists of questions for you to take to your antenatal health care professionals so that prospective parents can make informed choices about antenatal care, birthing procedure, possible routes of intervention during labour and immediate post-natal care.

Birth intervention can increase the risk of birth injury and a basic knowledge of birth procedure can be invaluable for making the right choices.

HappyClaim and birth injury compensation

Unfortunately, birth injury does occur in the UK; if you feel that intervention in your labour has been carried out negligently or that your labour, as a whole, was mismanaged and has caused you or your baby harm, you may be able to make a birth injury compensation claim.

We understand the pain and distress of birth injury claims and our medical negligence solicitors are amongst the most experienced in the country. They are governed by the regulations of the Law Society and will handle your case with sensitivity and professionalism at all times.

The complexities of birth injury medical negligence claims prevent us from stating that you will not be charged any legal fees. However, we assure you that we will advise you of any charges before you commit to them and in a won case we will always reimburse you.

If you wish to discuss a birth injury compensation claim, please call our confidential helpline now on 01582 437070 or you can request a more convenient time when we can call you back. Alternatively, fill in the online claim form and one of our legal advisers will look into your case before we call you to discuss it further. Above all, at HappyClaim we are here to help.