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Motorbike accidents » Pillion passengers

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident as a pillion passenger then you are entitled to claim compensation if it can be proven that another road user was at fault for the incident. Even if you are a pillion passenger and the rider of the bike you are on caused the accident, you are still entitled to make a compensation claim. A claim can be brought against the rider of the bike you were on, who may already be making a claim on their insurance for damage to their bike. One of our specialist personal injury solicitors will have the expertise and knowledge to deal with this type of personal injury claim.

Making a claim against your friend

You may be worried about making a claim against your friend but should bear in mind that it is the insurance company that will be paying for your compensation and not your friend. Your friend may also be making a claim for damage to their bike. It is no-ones interest, except, perhaps, the insurance companys, that you should suffer injury and loss of earnings without receiving compensation.

No win no fee

All our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you are not liable for any of the costs associated with making a claim. If you win your claim you will receive 100 percent of your compensation without deductions. If you lose you will be protected from all costs.

What can I claim for?

You can make a claim for any losses that are related to your accident. If you have suffered from an injury and it can be shown that it was not your fault then you can claim compensation from the person at faults insurance company. You can get compensation for the following:

General damages:

These damages are mainly for the injury itself, this includes the pain and suffering caused to you as a pillion passenger in a motorcycle accident

Special damages:

Past losses, these consist of loss of earnings, the cost of medical treatment, damage to personal possessions, for example damage to your helmet, your leathers or clothing
Future losses, these are the anticipated losses and expenses that you will incur in the future, such as future loss of earnings and on-going medical care if you have suffered serious personal injuries

Make a pillion passenger motorcycle accident claim

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