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Passenger injuries » Pillion passenger claims

Travelling by motorbike can have its advantages but the chances of sustaining severe injuries in an accident are far greater than those of a car crash. If you have suffered passenger injuries whilst riding pillion, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

By allowing a passenger to take the seat on the back of their bike, the motorcyclist has duty of care to that person and failure to protect them from an accident could result in a passenger injury claim being made against them at a later date.

Preparing the pillion passenger

Before setting off, the biker has the responsibility to make sure that passenger is completely prepared for the ride. If your considering making a passenger injury claim against a friend or relative who allowed you to ride pillion, ask yourself if they carried out the following safety preparations.

  • Was there an appropriate pillion seat on the bike?
  • Did they supply you with a British Standards Approved helmet?
  • Could your feet touch the footrests?
  • Could you hold onto the rails or the bottom of the riders jacket?
  • Was a communication system set up? e.g. hand signals or tapping on the riders back

Preparing the bike for a pillion passenger

Before any motorcyclist can allow a passenger to sit on their bike, they must carry out some of the following safety checks. If they fail to do so, they could be putting themselves and their pillion rider at risk from a serious motorbike accident and could face having a passenger injury claim made against them. Motorcyclists should ensure the following;

  • Tyre pressure the extra weight of a pillion passenger means that a rider should ensure the tyre pressure is in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Suspension the preload on the rear suspension should always be increased to allow for the passengers extra weight.
  • Headlights lights should be adjusted correctly as a pillion passenger will cause them to aim slightly higher. Failure to do so could result in other road users being blinded and possibly crashing into the bike.

How a motorcyclist should handle their motorcycle

Every motorcyclist should know that when carrying a pillion passenger their braking will be affected, and, because of this, they will have to give themselves a longer braking distance. If your currently deciding whether to contact a personal injury solicitor, know that motorcyclists should also be aware that while riding with a passenger, acceleration will slow down, therefore they should always wait for a longer gap when pulling out into traffic.

Another aspect that motorcyclists should be aware of is how the steering may become a little lighter because there is less pressure on the front tyre. Riders should also take extra care when turning corners, as the bike could lean further into the corner with the added weight of the pillion passenger.

If all of these aspects are carefully considered by the driver, the risk of being involved in a serious road accident can be dramatically reduced. But if you have been involved in a crash and want to make a passenger injury claim against the rider, even if they are a friend or relative, you are entirely within your rights to do so.

Making a passenger injury claim

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to make a passenger injury claim.

The consequences of a motorbike accident can have a devastating effect on your quality of life. Not only do you do you have to come to terms with seriousness of your injuries but you may also be suffering from a loss of income.

By making a compensation claim today, you could be a step closer to making your life a little easier.

If you would like to find out more about making a passenger injury claim, our friendly claims advisors are waiting to take your call. You may also like to request a call back, which means we can call you back at a time more convenient to you.

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