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Product liability is the area of law concerned with the accountability of a manufacturer for any injury or damage caused by defective products. As medical discoveries further our knowledge of illness so pharmaceutical advances increase our knowledge of drugs and treatment of illness.

Pharmaceuticals and product liability claims

Unfortunately, some over the counter drugs and some that have been prescribed in good faith by medical professionals have turned out to have side effects that cause personal injury to innocent people. Some of these effects have been temporary whilst others have caused lifelong pain and suffering.

These are some examples of pharmaceuticals that have been at the centre of product liability claims:

  • Vioxx
  • Gynecare Intergel
  • Myodil
  • Imuran

Making a product liability claim

If you have used a pharmaceutical product that has made you unwell, you may wish to look into making a product liability claim. Our personal injury solicitors are amongst the best in the UK and have extensive experience in helping our customers to successfully claim product liability compensation.

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