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I was worried companies taking a big percentage but HappyClaim gave me 100% compensation and was delighted.

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If you have payment protection insurance (PPI) on your mortgage or on any other loans, credit cards or finance agreements and you think they may have been mis sold – or your just not sure – we can investigate those policies and agreements for you and let you know.

If we believe your policies were mis sold, we can get your payments back for you. We will also do what we can to get you an additional 8% interest on top.

The 8% interest is to cover what you would have earned had that money been sitting in your bank account earning you money instead of being paid out for PPI that wasnt appropriate for you or that you simply didnt need.

We take care of the entire claim process for you (except filling in and signing the claim form, which has to be done by you) and ensure that each claim you make is thoroughly investigated and that you get back every penny you are owed.

Our clients are often overjoyed with the refunds that we are able to win back for them, especially as they are able to concentrate on the everyday things that matter to them while we take care of the nitty-gritty aspects of your claim, which some people find can be quite stressful and sometimes tedious.

Thats the benefit of having us handle your claim for you.

While you continue with the important things in your daily life, our team will – where appropriate and necessary – track down underwriters and out-of-business-brokers, write the emails and letters necessary for successful PPI claims, make all the phone calls (and wait on hold for as long as we have to) and, when necessary, argue with your bank if they come back asking for information that they dont need or if they try to wriggle out of refunding you because of one technical loophole or another.

And if your bank does reject your initial claim, we will handle the entire appeal process with the Financial Ombudsman too, all the way through until your claim has reached a satisfactory conclusion.

Thats where either your money is back where it belongs – with you – or that we are satisfied with the Ombudsmans decision that your policy wasnt mis sold. If we believe the Ombudsmans decision to be incorrect, we will also handle the second (and last) appeal for you too.

So if you are ready to find out if your PPI policy was mis sold and how much money your bank likely owes you, simply enter your name and contact information in the short form above and someone from our team will give you a call to go over your details with you.

Its free to do and theres no obligation to pursue your claim through us afterwards if you decide not to.

We will only start working on your claim if and when you give us the go ahead. And if you decide not to have us handle your PPI claim, we will simply wish you all the best and thank you for contacting us.

So for further advice and assistance please call our claims team on 01582437070.