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Work Accidents » Oil rig accidents

People who work on oil rigs do an incredibly important job, but one which is also difficult and can unfortunately lead to an accident at work. Despite the fact that oil companies have gone some way to improving safety for workers in recent years, there are still quite a few fatal work accidents which occur out at sea on the platforms.

In a 2007 investigation of oil rigs in the North Sea, the Health and Safety Executive has called for conditions to be improved further for the workers. The report which came out of the investigation stated that there were worrying variations in safety on the platforms, and criticised senior managers for failing to put ongoing maintenance at the top of their agenda.

Oil rig accidents

There have been many work accidents on oil rigs around the world over the years, and out of these it can be seen that there are three distinct areas which pose most threat to workers: blowouts, fire and structural collapse.

Drilling into the sea bed is a major operation and it is vital that pressure underground is carefully monitored otherwise there is a risk of water and/or oil coming up in an uncontrolled manner, which is known as a blowout. Responsible oil companies should ensure that blowout prevention devices are correctly fitted, but these have failed in the past and resulted in fatal work accidents.

Some of the worst disasters on oil rigs have involved fire, such as the explosion and fire on the Piper Alpha platform in 1973 which tragically claimed 167 lives. It is vital that oil rigs have both fire prevention systems and effective emergency procedures to deal with any fire situations which do occur.

It is absolutely essential that oil rigs are constructed to the very best design, as a structural collapse will mean devastation for both the company and the workers. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this has not always happened in the past and there have been many notable incidents of collapse. One such incident involved the UKs first semi-submersible oil rig, the Ocean Prince, which suffered serious damage in a storm off Scarborough. But for the heroic actions of one pick-up vessels pilot, all the workers would have perished.

As can be seen from this incident, pick-up vessels, which may take the form of either a boat or a helicopter, are an essential part of working on oil rigs. Sadly, accidents involving these support vessels do also occur, often with a significant loss of life and these are made more frequent by the very poor weather conditions seen in the North Sea.

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