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Vibration White Finger » Occupational health

Although there is an ever-increasing rate of employment in the UK, there is also a physical toll on its workers as they fall under more and more pressure to perform professionally. Stress and ill health are still some of the biggest killers in this country.

Incorrect statistics relating to workplace diseases

A report in Hazards journal in 2005 stated that official Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures had completely under-estimated the number of incidents of workplace diseases such as Vibration White Finger and missed many others. As a result, hundreds of thousands of serious and sometimes deadly conditions had been ignored in official prevention strategies to protect workers.

Workplace deaths incorrectly attributed to natural causes

There is a worrying absence of correct statistics for several diseases, including those that are lung and cancer-related. Many employees started work before conditions like Vibration White Finger were acknowledged in 1976.

Instead, many workplace deaths were incorrectly attributed to natural causes and could have been avoided if proper accident-prevention processes were in place and adequate investment was made into occupational health schemes.

New legislation to protect workers

Law firms in the UK have welcomed the publication of new research into occupational disease epidemics which exposes the evidence of the increasing risk of work-related illnesses and provides proof for new regulations to protect workers, including those at risk of getting Vibration White Finger by using vibratory tools.

Recent figures show that 20 % of the biggest illnesses that kill people in the UK are caused by work (including heart disease and cancer).

HSE estimates of realistic figures of work-related illnesses in the UK (2005) 

Cancer 12-24 %
Heart disease 20 %
Obstructive lung disease 15-20 %
Asthma 15-20 %
Skin disorders 25 %
Musculoskeletal disorders 20 %

Read the full report at www.hazards.org

Making a work accident compensation claim

Your health and your ability to work are critical to you. If you have sustained an industrial injury through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Industrial accidents and sustained injuries like Vibration White Finger are extremely common and workers are now able to make personal injury claims relating to this condition.

We can help you make that claim and are able to offer free legal advice and assistance. We work on a no win, no fee basis, guarantee that you will receive 100% compensation if your claim is successful, and promise that you will not be asked to pay any costs in your Vibration White Finger case, whether it is successful or not.

To find out more about our UK-leading service or to simply receive some obligation-free and confidential legal advice, complete an online claim form or call us on 01582 635096.