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Birth injury » Obesity report

A major recent report into the birth injury risk posed to British mothers and their unborn children has highlighted obesity as one of the most significant challenges facing maternity and health services today.

Entitled the Confidential Inquiry Into Maternal and Child Health, the report shows that obesity in expectant mothers can greatly increase the risk of heart disease, pre-eclampsia and blood clots. It also showed that overweight and obese mothers are much more likely to need caesarean deliveries, suffer haemorrhages or develop potentially fatal infections.

The birth injury risk to children was also a major concern of the report, with stillbirths, premature births and birth defects all much more likely to occur in the babies of overweight and obese women.

The authors of the study highlighted the fact that in the period 2003-2005, 295 women died while giving birth, with more than 50% of these being overweight and 15% seriously obese. Dr Gwyneth Lewis, chair of the inquiry, commented, The fact that more than half of the women who died were obese or overweight, and that preventable causes of cardiac disease were the leading cause of death, shows that strong public health messages are needed both before and during pregnancy. She added that obesity is one of the greatest and growing overall threats to the childbearing population of the UK.

A spokesperson from the British Dietetic Association responded to the news by saying,

Pregnancy is often the first time that women tend to focus on how diet influences their health but a varied and healthy diet is essential for a healthy baby.

Women who are overweight or obese run the risk of health problems and a large baby to deliver.

Weight loss is not recommended in pregnancy. Instead, women should aim to keep weight stable for some time during the pregnancy and aim to gain around 22lbs or 10kg only.

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