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Vibration White Finger » Norbar tools test results

In order to investigate Vibration White Finger claims, manufacturer of power torque tools, Norbar Torque Tools (Banbury), carried out a series of vibration tests on models from its range of low-vibration tools.

The tests carried out in 1999 at Norbars research centre measured vibration produced by tools operated with their 72mm and 108mm diameter air motors and a 48V DC electric motor. They were carried out in accordance with EU ISO vibration standard 8662-7.

An accelerometer was attached to the handle of each tool to measure vibration in three axes. The highest recorded readings were when the tool was used with the electric motor, causing a maximum vibration level of 0.96m/s2.

Average vibration levels for all three power sources were lower, with readings between 0.4m/s2 and 0.7m/s2 when using the tool with the air motor.

Peter Wilson, director of noise and vibration prevention consultancy Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre (INVC) believes a big problem facing employers when selecting tools is that they often cant rely on manufacturers data that have been assessed under laboratory conditions.

There are now EU guidelines about vibration levels and many manufacturers of power and vibratory tools have made substantial efforts to reduce vibration. Claims for damages for Vibration White Finger, in particular, have forced employers and manufacturers to take action.

The HSE reports that anybody using hammer action equipment for more than half an hour a day is at risk from hand-arm vibrations syndrome (HAVS). Anti-vibration gloves often dont work properly and the HSE urges workers to assess their own condition themselves by judging how their hands feel. If fingers start to tingle or feel numb then the risk is probably high. Read more about Norbar tools at www.norbar.com.

Vibration White Finger compensation claims

Many people know that Vibration White Finger can be debilitating, but it is less known that in extreme cases sufferers may be unable to drive or do up the buttons on their own clothes.

The effect this may have on your lifestyle and ability to maintain a normal life can be extremely serious, and if you have Vibration White Finger from a work-related situation that was not your fault, you could be in a position to make a personal injury compensation claim.

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