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Motorbike accidents » NMC and motorbike accidents

The National Motorcycle Council (NMC) was set up to protect motorcyclists across the UK, prevent motorcycle accidents and promote the motorcycle as a powered two-wheeler (PTW). Dealers associations, manufacturers associations, rider groups, motoring organisations and rider training organisations all form part of the NMC.

What exactly is a PTW?

The philosophy behind NMC is that PTWs have until recently been ignored as an option for curbing traffic density and easing congestion in UK towns and cities, although they an obvious choice.

The PTW is an environmentally friendly and economical means of transport, providing swift door-to-door journeys with small travelling distances and is the quickest mode of transport for urban journeys.

The objective of the NMC is to promote motorcycles as PTWs to have them recognised as the essential and responsible mode of transport for the twenty-first century.

What else does the NMC promote?

The NMC also works to promote EU road traffic safety legislation including the use of safety clothing equipment complying with the Personal Protection Equipment Directive, to prevent motorcycle accidents and personal injuries and raise driver awareness.

The NMC believes that the use of visors with a light transmittance of less than 50 % allowed in daylight conditions would help to combat the problem of sun glare for riders.

It also works to get priority lanes inserted in busy highways and to ensure that traffic-calming schemes and street furniture take into account the vulnerability of powered and unpowered two-wheeled vehicles when considering motorcycle accidents.

As PTWs cause less traffic congestion and make fewer demands on road structures, the NMC also wants to make sure that PTW drivers are not subject to the same demands in road pricing schemes or workplace parking fees as the drivers of four-wheeled vehicles.

Read more about the NMC at www.despatch.co.uk

Motorcycle accident compensation claim

Motorcycle accidents can kill and its no surprise that they do. As a motorcycle rider you are 40 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than car drivers or passengers. In fact, you are more likely to be killed on a motorcycle than on any other means of transport.

Every year, around 500 people are killed in road traffic accidents. This is a serious statistic. If a motorcycle hits an obstacle or another car on the road, it is much more difficult to control the motorcycle than the car. Despite the fact that motorcycle riders have very good driving skills, they are usually the ones that suffer in the event of a car accident.

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