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Industrial deafness » Neuromonics

Tinnitus sufferers in the UK may be aware of a treatment available in America and Australia called Neuromonics. While its claims are very impressive, it is not yet available in the Europe - are British people with this complaint missing out?

Neuromonics tinnitus claims

Neuromonics does not claim to cure tinnitus, but it does claim to produce a rapid, significant and long term effect by treating the neurological cause of tinnitus. It also claims to do this in concert with the bodys natural mechanisms, and cites a 90% success rate over 15 years of clinical studies in having an effect on tinnitus cases.

How it works

The Neuromonics website describes the process as using a machine that delivers precisely designed music embedded with a pleasant acoustic neural stimulus. These sounds, customized for each users audiological profile, stimulate the auditory pathway to promote neural plastic changes. Over time, these new connections help the brain to filter out tinnitus disturbance, providing long-term relief from symptoms.

The British Tinnitus Association recently sponsored Dr David Baguley on a research trip to Australia, where he met the inventor of the Neuromonics device, Dr Paul Davis. Dr Baguleys preliminary opinion is that it has not yet been independently verified, but it does seem to be as effective as other sound and counselling based approaches (such as those available in the UK).

If the machine is only as effective as products already available in the UK, then there is no real loss to tinnitus sufferers here. However, results of trials within the UK may yet be undertaken, and may prove that Neuromonics provides better results.

Claiming for tinnitus compensation

Although Neuromonics may not be available in the UK, tinnitus compensation is. In cases where the damage to your hearing was someone elses responsibility, this can cover suffering, the costs of treatment and lost future earnings.

Here at HappyClaim, we have many years of expertise in cases involving hearing loss, industrial deafness and tinnitus. We will be able to help you find out whether you are eligible for compensation, and to find the right no win, no fee solicitor for your case.

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