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Birth injury » Natural birth injuries

A birth injury can be defined as damage sustained during the birthing process to mother, child or both. Many birth injuries are preventable and are a result of medical negligence for which birth injury compensation can be claimed. However, a number of birth injuries are not preventable; they are naturally occurring and a way of life.

Most birth injuries happen during transit through the birth canal and some of these are discussed below:

Head injuries
As the first part to enter the birth canal in the majority of births, the head can undergo a great deal of pressure during delivery. Swelling and bruising is common but not serious and usually heals within a few days. Cephalohematoma, a bleeding injury where a soft lump forms over the surface of one of the skull bones but below its thick fibrous covering, isnt regarded as serious either. No treatment is necessary and the lump will disappear within a few weeks.

Bone injury
It is rare for bones to be broken during delivery but it is possible. A fractured collarbone is the most frequent breakage. Fractures of bones in newborns nearly always heal completely and rapidly with the help of a splint.

Birth marks
The most notable types of birth mark are Mongolian spots and strawberry hemangioma. Mongolian spots are blue/grey marks that may appear over the lower back or buttocks of black or Asian newborns. Although these can look like bruises, they are not and cause no pain to the child. On the other hand, a strawberry birthmark is a flat pink/area on the skin. This may darken and become raised, resembling a strawberry, over a period of weeks. These may take years to shrink and become lighter but most are no longer visible by school age.

While these birth injuries and blemishes may not be eligible for birth injury compensation there are many birth injuries from brachial plexus injury to cerebral palsy that are. We realise that such personal injuries can have a huge impact on you and your family and this is why we want to help you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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