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Vibration White Finger » Musicians and VWF

There are lots of reports in the media and online about cases of Vibration White Finger sustained as a result of working in the construction industry and similar industrial professions. But have you ever considered the types of personal injuries that professional musicians could suffer? Is it likely that a musical performer would make a no win, no fee claim for Vibration White Finger compensation?

While it seems to be a pretty safe job, being a musician does have its toils. For example, the great stress of having to go on stage night after night can lead to psychological personal injuries such as anxiety disorders or stage fright.

Musicians may also be at risk of sustaining noise-induced hearing loss as a result of constant practice and performance in areas where loud music is being played. A number of famous musicians such as singer, songwriter and guitarist Eric Clapton have reported suffering from tinnitus as a result of their profession.

Musicians, particularly string instrumentalists, are also at risk of suffering Repetitive Strain Injuries as a result of the repetitive motion. Many hours are spent perfecting performances and the relentless back and forth motion of the arm when playing a violin has been shown to take its toll.

\But there have also been some reports of musicians suffering Vibration White Finger and related diseases. There are reported cases of Raynauds Syndrome especially among those who play the piano. Losing blood flow to the fingers when doing something as delicate as playing an instrument is not only painful but also very restrictive.

Professional musicians who sustain such work injuries should consider making no win, no fee claims for compensation.

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No personal injury should be regarded simply as an occupational hazard. If you have sustained Vibration White Finger or any industrial illness in the workplace you may be entitled to make a no win, no fee claim for compensation today.

We are aware that living with a condition such as VWF can be painful and debilitating and we can help you to make a claim for suffering, lost earnings, medical expenses and more.

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