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Holiday Accidents » Mountaineering accidents

Mountaineering holiday accidents and dramatic rescues with helicopters on mountain peaks are in the headlines all the time. Statistics show that mountaineers on climbing holidays are more likely to have an accident than rock climbers or cross-country skiers, especially in the summer. But what causes these holiday accidents, have they been happening more recently, and what are climbers entitled to claim holiday accident compensation for?

Deep hypothermia, loss of limbs, falls that break limbs, frostbite, dislocations and severe head injuries are just a few of the things that can happen during a mountaineering holiday accident. Occasionally fatal accidents also occur. for which family of the deceased may be able to make holiday accident claims.

The increasing popularity of extreme sports including extreme mountaineering -enduring arduous conditions or carrying out bizarre activities like ironing at great height for amusement, has added to the risk of mountaineering accidents.

Ropes and guides failing or breaking is also a common cause of mountaineering holiday accidents and equipment supplied by the holiday company is sometimes unsafe or faulty. The safeguard against accidents is supposed to be the rope, but if equipment fails to work properly, the worst can happen. Climbers can fall from great heights, slip down crevasses or get trapped in an avalanche.

Unfortunately, many mountaineers climb despite poor fitness,sometimes in difficult conditions. As mountaineering is a high-risk sport with a danger of personal injury or death, mountaineers should always know how to minimise the harmful consequences of a mountain accident.

Taking the maximum amount of precaution and preventative measures will also benefit any future holiday accident claim for personal injury compensation.

Tips for successful mountaineering

Tips for a good outing include not attempting difficult ascents in an early mountaineering career; making sure you are fit enough for the climb; making sure that you dont get dehydrated; making sure you know the climbing techniques well, avoiding conditions that will affect your heart, and carrying out regular fitness training including weight training.

Following safety procedures while on the mountain is also crucial, along with looking after your climbing colleagues. For more information on mountain safety, visit www.abc-of-mountaineering.com

Mountaineers should also always check their trip insurance policy carefully to see if mountain climbing accidents are excluded before departing on a trip, and if they are included, that they have adequate emergency cover (such as helicopter rescue and repatriation).

Claiming for a mountaineering accident

A hazardous mountaineering accident can be traumatic, life-threatening and have serious consequences if you are require hospitalisation or find you are unable to work because of your injuries.

If your equipment or equipment supplied to you by a holiday company has failed and you have suffered injuries as a result, you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. Our panel of no win, no fee solicitors are expert in dealing with personal injury cases and will sympathetically deal with any questions you may have. Fill out an online claim form or call us on 01582 437070 and we will discuss your case in detail.