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Motorbike accidents » Mini moto and ATV accidents

Motorcycles have been around in various forms since the 1880s, many of which have engines as powerful as those of a car and, unsurprisingly, the number of motorbike accident claims has increased with the greater number of vehicles on the road.

At the other end of the performance scale are the childrens mini moto, golf buggies and quad bikes. All use similar vehicle technology to a motorbike but the type of accidents in which their riders are involved are quite different.

For a start, apart from a few styles of quad bike, otherwise known as all terrain vehicles or buggies (ATV or ATB), all these vehicles are restricted to off-road use. Some quad bikes can be used legally on a road but must then conform to standard conditions of being licensed, insured and with a valid MOT certificate.

The majority, though, are used on private land by farmers and other rural workers or just for pleasure. Golf buggies, too, are fun to drive and can carry a maximum of four golfers and their kit at speeds of up to 25mph.

Not able to travel as fast but capable of going quite quickly are the mini-moto bikes on which increasing numbers of children enjoy whizzing around on two wheels either in races, in gardens or in special set-aside areas of private land.

Although all motorcycle riders in the UK have to wear helmets to protect themselves in the event of road traffic accident, there are not the same compulsory conditions on riding one of these other hybrid machines.

Children on mini-motos normally wear protective clothing and helmets but can still cause injury to themselves and others in the event of a crash, especially if they are inexperienced or riding in an area where there might be a conflict of interest, such as close to a road, or where the riding surface is uneven.

Many older people use buggies to save walking around a golf course and it is rare to hear of an accident involving one of these. However, there have been some quad bike accidents involving riders who have been killed or hurt when their vehicles have overturned on rough ground.

As these alternative petrol-driven vehicles gain greater popularity, it will not be surprising if we hear more about accidents involving them and victims may well have recourse to a personal injury lawyer if they have suffered as a result of a collision and could be eligible to make a motorbike accident claim or other compensation case.

Finding a personal injury solicitor for your motorbike accident claim

If you have been involved in a crash with a motorcycle, quad bike, buggy or mini-moto which was not your fault, the experienced personal injury solicitors at HappyClaim will be able to advise on how to pursue a claim for compensation.

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