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Vibration White Finger » Miners and VWF

Thousands of UK miners suffer from severe health problems as a result of their past mining experiences. This includes respiratory problems from coal dust inhaled while they were working in mines and Vibration White Finger from using damaging vibratory tools.

In 1997 the High Court awarded 127,000 pounds in a compensation claim to seven coal miners for Vibration White Finger. Then in a landmark case against British Coal in 1999, 40,000 miners won a total of 400 million pounds in a compensation agreement with the government for suffering VWF from working with vibrating machinery.

The claim involved British Coal and the government who assumed responsibility for its liabilities after privatization and resulted in the longest-running industrial injury action ever seen in the High Court.

A UK government fund was then set up to cover subsequent Vibration White Finger claims by ex-coalminers, which exceeded 100 million in payments by 2004. However, many miners argue that the compensation they received (often only the equivalent of five months wages) is insufficient and that there are still hurdles to jump over to obtain adequate compensation figures.

While compensation for Vibration White Finger has been issued, this is not true of bronchitis and emphysema. There was some speculation that delaying this procedure was in order to save money, as many ex-miners would have died before receiving any compensation.

While many miners and mining companies feel their industrial heritage is to be admired, industrial injuries like Vibration White Finger are the dark side of this legacy. It is not just the miners that suffer, but also their families if, as the main breadwinner, they are no longer able to work.

The National Union of Miners (www.num.org.uk) is still fighting for miners rights and to ensure they receive full and not part or mediocre compensation for all Vibration White Finger injuries sustained through their work. Although membership has dropped, the NUM is still extremely active industrially and politically in representing miners and their families across Britain.

How to claim

Miners in the UK who have used vibratory equipment and who have suffered industrial injuries such as Vibration White Finger as a result of working in mines are now entitled to compensation.

Exposure to vibration damages the fingers, hands and arms causing impaired blood circulation, damage to the nerve supply and musculoskeletal damage. If you have been exposed to this type of vibration by using machinery at work which has caused Vibration White Finger, you may be in a position to make a compensation claim.

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