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Medical negligence » Medical cases and dentists

When we go to the dentist for a check-up or restorative work, we expect to be treated with the utmost care and expertise. Many of us do not understand much about dental treatment so we put our full trust and confidence in the dentist working on our teeth.

The majority of dentists are very successful in helping their patients to achieve good oral health and ensure that they receive the best treatment possible. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all and, each year, thousands of people suffer the effects of dental negligence.

Dental negligence is a type of medical negligence for which compensation can be claimed when careless or incorrect dental work results in personal injury. It is appropriate to make a dental accident claim either against the dentist who caused the personal injury if the work was done privately or the NHS if it was publicly funded.

Types of dental negligence

There is a whole range of dental accidents that can be classed as medical negligence. These include:

Missed diagnosis. If a dentist fails to see a tooth injury or other dental problem and the condition worsens as a result of receiving no treatment, a medical negligence claim over the matter may well be successful.

Incorrect diagnosis. If a dentist misdiagnoses a dental problem and fails to carry out the correct work or carries out incorrect work resulting in further pain and suffering, this can be seen as medical negligence.

Careless work. If a dentist causes a personal injury whilst treating someone, either by situating implements in the wrong place or not properly carrying out the operation, the person may well be able to make a medical negligence claim against him.

Inadequate treatment. If a dentist carries out inadequate treatment either on one occasion or over a period of time and the person suffers personal injury because of his actions, they could claim medical negligence compensation.

Drug usage error. If a dentist gives a person the wrong amount of a drug, does not administer it properly or fails to see that an allergic reaction is mentioned in their notes, this may well constitute a viable medical negligence compensation claim if personal injury occurred as a result.

Swallowed instruments. Occasionally, dental instruments and swabs may not be secured properly and may fall down the persons throat. Although rare, these medical negligence cases are very often successful.

Claiming medical negligence compensation

If your dentist provides substandard care or treatment to you or there is a dental accident in which you where injured, you may wish to pursue a medical negligence claim. We can support you in getting personal injury compensation for the pain and suffering that the inadequate dentistry caused.

Dental care is often expensive and usually requires time off work to attend appointments, resulting in lost earnings. We can also assist you in claiming damages for the money that you have spent in getting the dental work carried out and corrected, as well as recompense for any other losses.

Our panel of personal injury solicitors are experts in the field of dental negligence and have helped thousands of customers to get the medical negligence compensation to which they were entitled. The solicitors on our panel are some of the finest in the UK and have an excellent claim success rate.

We offer a friendly, approachable personal injury claim service and ensure that our customers have the best possible chance to get compensation for their dental injury. If you would like to get free legal advice about the medical negligence you have experienced, please telephone us now on 01582 437070.