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Birth injury » Limitation period

Although other forms of personal injury have a three year limitation period in which the claim has to be made, with a birth injury this period is extended to reach until the child turns 21. This allows the child to make the claim themselves when they have reached their 18th birthday.

The extended time frame also allows for the full extent of the birth injury to be realised. The damage caused by a difficult birth may not always be fully realised until the child has completely developed and their disabilities can be properly assessed. For this reason, many birth injury claims are not made until the child is slightly older.

A sixteen year old who was left severely brain damaged after suffering a birth injury is an example of this after making a compensation claim for the disabilities he suffered as a result of his delivery.

During his birth, the Oxfordshire-based boy was starved of oxygen during the later stages of delivery which resulted in cerebral palsy and mental impairment. He now requires 24 hour assistance and is unlikely to ever enter the paid work force.

After a fifteen year battle to get the health authority to admit liability for the mistakes that were made during his birth and the consequent damage it has caused him, their personal injury lawyer finally managed to take his case to court.

The judge decided that despite the teenagers ability to use the assistive technology and specialist equipment offered to him, he would never be able to lead a fully independent life and would always be at a disadvantage because of his disabilities.

He was therefore offered personal injury compensation of 6.6 million pounds to put towards the further special equipment he will require throughout his life.

His mum said of his compensation sum,Whilst [my sons] award seems like a lot of money, he is a young man who will live a normal life span and needs 24-hour care and assistance.

His case highlights how successful birth injury claims can be made even when the child is well into their teens.

A birth injury can be devastating especially when the child is left with lasting disabilities as a result. What should be a happy moment becomes a time of sadness and distress due to the failings of the medical staff that you put your trust into.

HappyClaim can help you make a birth injury compensation claim

While claiming compensation can never be a substitute for a birth injury free life, it can help to redress some of the disadvantages. At HappyClaim, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients and are experienced in handling birth injury cases. Our team of medical negligence solicitors contains a panel of birth injury specialists who have built a strong reputation for sensitivity and success.

We will provide our expertise to you at no expense and wherever possible we will try and reclaim any costs that you incur during the proceedings.

If you would like to find out more about how we might be able to help you, you can fill in an online claim form to request a call back.

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