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Whiplash » Late whiplash syndrome

Most people who sustain a Whiplash-Associated Disorder suffer from the symptoms for less than three months and then experience perhaps the occasional residual headache or neck ache.

However, a proportion of those who sustain whiplash-type injuries will go on to suffer what is known as Late Whiplash Syndrome.

Late Whiplash Syndrome is the name given to a set of symptoms felt for longer than six months after the accident that caused a whiplash neck injury. For many years its existence has been denied by insurance companies looking to defend compensation claims and this is still the case for some.

Many healthcare professionals, however, understand the pain and discomfort that their Late Whiplash Syndrome patients experience and there are numerous medical experts who are willing to testify in support of compensation claims for the condition.

Symptoms of Late Whiplash Syndrome

The results of a study that looked at the symptoms of Late Whiplash Syndrome showed that there were patterns in the type of pain that people were experiencing. Neck pain is a symptom experienced by nearly all Late Whiplash Syndrome sufferers and headaches are also a very common complaint.

Emotional symptoms are also part of Late Whiplash Syndrome for some people. Around 60% suffer from anxiety and irritability, whilst half suffer from depression.

In this study, more people reported arm and shoulder pain after six months than they did after less than two weeks. When related to whiplash-injury, arm and shoulder pain is believed to be referred pain. That is, damage at the nerve root results in pain that is felt at the area the nerve serves.

Diagnosing the problem

It is believed that the C2-C3 zygapophyseal joint in the neck may be responsible for many typical Late Whiplash Syndrome symptoms. Use of anaesthetic at the joint revealed that it was responsible for 50% of headaches, and together with lower joints may well be the reason for the neck, arm and shoulder pain felt by Late Whiplash Syndrome patients.

The pain produced by the joint is also found to influence levels of concentration, memory, weakness or heaviness in the joints, dizziness, visual disturbance, and back pain. When this joint was treated with anaesthetic, these symptoms were relieved.

Compensation for Late Whiplash Syndrome

Around 6% of people with Late Whiplash Syndrome are off work for over a year as a result of the pain from which they suffer and a further 15% still take pain relief after this time. Many of these people seek compensation for the loss of earnings they have had, as well as the pain, suffering and change in lifestyle.

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