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Industrial deafness » Hypnosis and tinnitus

There are a number of disciplines that make strong claims to treat tinnitus. From aromatherapy to homeopathy and conventional medicine, practitioners from each of these fields can all contribute to a reduction in symptoms through different methods.

Hypnosis is no different. Although many people might be put off by prejudices of hypnosis psychological invasiveness, its proponents are supported by some convincing studies.

In fact, one piece of research reported that hypnosis and hypnotherapy had a 69% success rate in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. While this reduction might mean that hypnosis is not curative, for many people disconcerted by persistent ringing, buzzing or humming in the ears, such a success rate does much to recommend at least giving the therapy a go.

While most hypnotherapists advise around five consultations in order to provide effective and lasting relief, much of the therapys benefit relies on the patient self-managing their treatment.

This is done by a program of self-hypnosis that aims not to eliminate symptoms but, rather, to control them and thereby reduce their manifestation and sometimes even turn them off. Although the idea of turning symptoms off might at first sound like a cure, it is more that the patient has trained him or herself to limit their perception of the symptoms to such an extent that it is experienced as a cure without actually being one.

Like many treatments, hypnosis will place demands on the patience of the sufferer. This is because the treatment is one that is long term, depending on significant psychological attitude and adjustment.

Hypnosis has even received recognition from the established medical community and its practitioners are no longer viewed as merely being quacks. However, the current consensus is that it should be seen as a complimentary therapy, working in conjunction with other treatments.

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