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Birth injury » Hyperbilirubinaemia

The condition of hyperbilirubinaemia, like many illnesses that occur in birth injury compensation cases, would not, by itself, make a child and its parents eligible to make a claim. However, if medical professionals neglect to treat it appropriately, a claim may become possible.

The condition itself is the result of a newborn not being able to process a chemical called bilirubin effectively. (The name hyperbilirubinaemia means having too much bilirubin in the blood.) This will present itself in the form of jaundice.

If untreated, the high levels of bilirubin can lead to adverse effects, including irreversible brain damage. This is related to the fact that the infants blood-brain barrier is not fully formed at birth.

In most cases, attending medical professionals would be able to recognise or test for the condition, but where this is not done, any personal injury could be considered avoidable. An experienced birth injury lawyer would be able to discuss the specifics of any case in more detail than a web page can go into.

Treatments to help move the bilirubin out of the newborn body include extra feeding and phototherapy (therapeutic exposure to light).

Finding the best representation to seek birth injury compensation

If you are in the sad situation of needing to make a claim over a birth accident or injury, be it hyperbilirubinaemia, Erbs palsy, a brachial plexus injury or pre-eclampsia, you want to find a personal injury solicitor whose professionalism and expertise you can trust.

Here at HappyClaim, we can guarantee our professionalism by using only birth injury lawyers drawn from firms governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We can also guarantee our expertise by pointing to a success rate that is near-unrivalled.

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