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Vibration White Finger » How VWF affects people

Vibration White Finger (VWF) is a condition which affects tens of thousands of people throughout the UK. In many cases it is a work-related injury, due to the fact that most sufferers are only exposed to vibration in the course of their work. Many professions are at risk of contracting the painful hand condition, ranging from gardeners and forestry workers to miners and engineers.

It is a condition which is much less well-known than most other work-related diseases and injuries. Whilst the public is well aware of asbestosis and other asbestos diseases, relatively few will have heard of Vibration White Finger. Whilst it is not a fatal condition as many asbestos-related cancers are, it is still significantly disabling for those who suffer from it.

The effects of VWF

The main symptoms of VWF are tingling and numbness in the fingers, along with a noticeable loss of strength in your hands. Many workers initially write these symptoms off as a temporary side-effect of working with vibrating machinery but sadly these are a permanent indication of the damage that has been done to the blood vessels in the hand.

Even years after stopping working with such machinery, the symptoms will persist and may well have an effect on the life of the person. The Health and Safety Executive has published the comments of people suffering from Vibration White Finger and these clearly reveal the way their work injury is still affecting their life.

A mechanic who developed the condition through use of power tools commented that he found using his thumb to grip small objects particularly difficult, not to mention painful, and that his symptoms are worsened by cold weather. He also revealed that Vibration White Finger had forced him to give up some of his pastimes, such as swimming.

Another worker who was exposed to the vibration of pneumatic tools during his work in heavy fabrication said that the work injury leaves his hands almost permanently cold. He commented that he now has trouble handling fiddly things such as buttons and finds that he drops things more regularly.

A third worker, who was involved in shipbuilding, explained that his life had been very much changed by Vibration White Finger as he could no longer take part in some of his favourite hobbies, such as darts and angling. He also said that he had trouble doing DIY now because he cant handle screws, whilst the condition also affects simple things such as turning the pages of a newspaper as he can no longer feel them.

Claiming VWF compensation

If you have been diagnosed with VWF, the panel of personal injury solicitors at HappyClaim may be able to help you to get work injury compensation from your employers.

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We guarantee that it will not cost you a penny to make a claim through us, and that you get to keep 100% compensation.

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