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Holiday Accidents » Hotel injury excursions

One of the ways in which a holiday injury can happen is on an excursion, and if this should happen there are further complications that could be brought to bear on the case.

The problem with excursions is that a holiday-maker may find themselves involved in parallel contracts, which can cause great complications to any holiday accident claim for compensation. It is likely that a good personal injury solicitor should be able to pick his or her way through these complications, but it is worth being aware of the complexities in question.

These arise when both the package operator and the excursion company claim that the liability for the injury lies with the other party.

For example, if a holiday company makes an alliance with a coach tour company to provide trips around an island, and personal injury is suffered on that trip, then a holiday-maker may not know whether liability should lie with the package operator or the coach company. It may, depending on the case, lie with either - and neither will be keen to admit liability, particularly for a serious injury.

Good advice for any holiday-makers who are planning an excursion as part of their break is to ensure that they receive copies of any contractual matter, receipts and other important documents that relate to the trip, however work-like it may seem. These may be invaluable to a personal injury solicitor in a compensation claim should the worst happen.

Making a holiday injury related compensation claim

If you have suffered personal injury in your holiday, whether on an excursion or otherwise, and you believe someone else is at fault, we may be able to help you make a compensation claim to cover your losses and damages.

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