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Holiday Accidents » Holiday claims and liability

Not every holiday accident claim will involve mounting a case to prove the liability of a tour operator, hotel, motorist, cruise ship company or restaurant.

This is because in some cases the incident is not about proving liability in a car crash, food poisoning or slip and trip case instead, in some cases the question of compensation in a holiday accident claim may actually hinge on an issue of a faulty or defective product, meaning that although the accident occurred on holiday, any resultant litigation may actually fall within the area of product liability law.

The following are some examples of where this may be the case:

Defective boat compensation

In the event that a person unknowingly purchases a defective boat which they then take on a sailing holiday only for it to malfunction, crash and cause injury any injured parties may be able to claim compensation from the seller or manufacturer.

Defective shoe compensation

We all like to dress up and treat ourselves to a glamorous night out while on holiday. This can sometimes mean wearing some chic footwear. In the event that the footwear proves defective, injured parties may be able to claim compensation for a fall.

For example, in 2008 a woman received 7,200 pounds accident compensation after her stiletto shoe snapped while she was walking on a night out in Manchester.

Defective medicinal or cosmetic product compensation

When we travel abroad we usually take at least one kind of cosmetic or medicinal product and, in the event that one of these is contaminated or faulty and causes us injury, it may be possible to claim no win, no fee compensation.

Claim compensation for holiday accident injuries

Holidays are meant to be a time of rest, relaxation and, above all, enjoyment.

However, for a minority of holidaymakers, the negligence of others, whether it is tour operators, hotels, drivers or restaurants, means that holidays end in injury and are completely ruined.

In the event that your holiday has been destroyed in this way, it may be possible to claim compensation for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment, medical expenses and loss of earnings.

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