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Holiday Accidents » Holiday claim and hospital bills

Having the necessary travel insurance is essential for covering yourself against any holiday claims you may have to make. Without insurance, even the most minor holiday accident could turn into a disaster and leave you with very empty pockets.

However, while travel insurance will usually cover you for any medical treatment that you had while abroad, it will only provide fixed payouts for permanent disabilities which may not take into account the loss of earnings and cost of further treatment which may be required. Therefore many victims of holiday injuries decide to make holiday claims against the party responsible for their accident.

In 2010, a Scarborough pub landlord had his dream holiday to the Dominican Republic ruined after he suffered a holiday accident that required hospital treatment. Medical treatment abroad can be costly as you have to pay for everything from the ambulance ride to the disposable gloves medical staff use while treating you.

Worryingly for the injured man, the hospital where he was first taken refused to accept his insurance policy despite it being valid and he was presented with a 1,200 pounds medical bill. He was then transferred to a second hospital where his insurance was accepted and he remained there until he was discharged four days later.

As well as trying to claim back the money from his insurance provider for the first hospital bill, the Scarborough man also looked into making a holiday claim against the holiday company after his dream holiday was ruined by his injury.

Suffering an accident whilst on holiday can be particularly worrying and traumatic as foreign hospital standards may not be as high as those in the UK and the language barrier can make it hard for patients to understand exactly what is going on.

Therefore if your holiday accident was not your fault, you deserve to make a compensation claim against the responsible party.

Making a holiday accident claim with HappyClaim

At HappyClaim, our team of personal injury lawyers will work hard to ensure that you gain the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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