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Work Accidents » Garden centre work accidents

Employees who work in garden centres can appear to have an idyllic job that involves pottering among greenery, but the truth is that hard work goes into that appearance - and that a work injury is a risk that must be considered by employees and employers alike.

A first example of the risks that garden centre employees may face is obvious once we consider the size of the buildings involved - there is a fair amount of work that occurs at height, opening the possibility of a slip or fall from height. These work accidents can be highly dangerous and are not uncommon in UK statistics. A related danger is that of heavy goods falling from height onto an employee.

One more specific to the garden centre is the fact that sharp tools are used and sold, meaning that personal injury resulting from accidents with these implements is a notable risk. Tines of forks or rakes can cause puncture wounds, and blades of mowers and shears can cause lacerations.

If these are the tools that have been used in the upkeep of the plants in the centres care, then there is a further risk of infection from organisms in the soil or the natural poisons of some plants. A further poison risk is present in the various chemicals that are used in the process of running a garden centre, from pesticides to fertilisers.

As in any workplace, the recognition of risks is a duty of the employers, which means that there should be a risk assessment made as a matter of course, and any recommendations made in that assessment to reduce risk should be followed. Failure to do so may result in a weakened defence if an employee were to bring a personal injury compensation claim.

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