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Product liability » Faulty seat belts and PL

Seatbelts are essential in preventing injury in car accidents and help to make sure that everybody in the vehicle is adequately protected. But if a seatbelt fails to function properly, the driver or passenger may suffer a serious personal injury such as that caused by hitting their head on the dashboard.

Long-term consequences of this type of injury include illnesses like Alzheimers disease. For some vehicle accident victims, a defective seat belt can be the cause of even more serious injuries than normal, which may come as a surprise to many drivers. This is why a defective seatbelt alone can cause the car to fail an MOT.

Seatbelt defects that contribute to a product liability claim can include a seatbelt unlatching on impact, torn webbing, retractor failure, automatic belt systems that fail to respond automatically and tension relieving devices that dont work properly. If one belted individual suffered personal injuries after a car crash while others did not, this could possibly be an example of a seatbelt system defect.

Buckles of seatbelts that unlock in car accidents are particularly worrying. False latching is a term used to describe a buckle that appears to be closed when it is not. During a crash, this means that the people in the car can be thrown from it despite the fact that infact they were wearing a seatbelt.

In worst case scenarios, fatalities can occur, and usually the fault with the seatbelt is not found until after the car crash has occurred. Even though a belt is properly fastened, it does not necessarily mean that it will be safe. Product liability cases often involve lap belts, for example, which can cause serious abdominal and bowel injuries while allowing the head to hit the back of the front seat.

How to claim for a seatbelt defect

When a defective car product or part is found to be at fault, you are entitled to make a product liability claim. A seatbelt that does not work can cause even more serious injuries than normal in the event of a crash and the manufacturer is responsible for vehicles with poorly designed or defective restraint systems and seatbelts

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