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Product liability » Faulty christmas products

Christmas is a time for giving and by all accounts, receiving, however the seasonal glow could soon wear off if a defective doll or another toy rears its ugly head. Nobody wants to give a child a dangerous toy but sometimes unfortunately this is unavoidable. All toys should meet special safety standards as outlined by the Toy Safety Regulations, 1995. However, sometimes toys may appear on the shelves which do not meet standards and could possibly cause serious personal injury as a result.

A toy that does not meet regulations should never be given to a child. The main European Directive states that all toys must satisfy safety requirements, bear the CE marking and be accompanied by a warning if necessary. Anyone found to be selling toys that do not meet these requirements could find themselves with a fine of up to 5,000 pounds and facing a prison term.

All manufacturers and providers of any good or service are committed to providing safe products which offer no risk to their customers. Products which are covered by the Consumer Protection Act of 1987 include a ll consumer goods and goods used in the workplace. All food is also covered by the Act. Buildings are not covered but building materials such as bricks are. If you are injured because of a product that you have been using and the manufacturer or supplier is responsible then you are entitled to make a personal injury claim under product liability.

The person wishing to make a claim after getting injured because of a faulty or defective product does not need to prove that they purchased the product. They just need to show that a defect caused the injury.

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