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Work Accidents » Fatigue related work accidents

As our careers become ever more important to us, both for personal development and financial reasons, we are working increasingly long hours. Whilst any employer would be wise to treasure employees who are willing to spend a large portion of their week at work, without care this situation could end up turning into a work accident compensation claim.

Long hours

Whilst there are European regulations which protect employees from being obliged to work long hours, if they are willing to work an extended week then they are allowed to do so. As a result, there are many thousands of people in the UK who do clock up a great many hours at work. It is estimated that 14% of those who work spend more than 48 hours in the workplace each week.

Whilst this may be good news for their pay packets, it is not such a good thing for their health. Long hours may lead to fatigue and stress, both of which increase the chance of the employee being involved in an accident at work. According to research from the University of Massachusetts, those who work overtime have a 61% higher chance of suffering illness or personal injury than those who do have a normal work schedule.

One of the researchers commented: The results of this study suggest that jobs with long working hours are not more risky merely because they are concentrated in inherently hazardous industries or occupations.

Our findings are consistent with the hypothesis that long working hours indirectly precipitate workplace accidents through a causal process, for instance, by inducing fatigue or stress in affected workers.

Making a work accident compensation claim

If you have been hurt in your workplace, whether in normal hours or during overtime, you may be able to get compensation from your employer through a work accident compensation claim.

At HappyClaim, we are committed to helping workers in the UK get the recompense that they deserve. Our service is completely free for you to use, as we ensure you are protected from all the costs and fees no matter what the outcome of your compensation claim.

Our panel of no win, no fee solicitors is governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority so you can be sure of extremely high levels of service. We will put you in touch with a solicitor who specialises in work accidents just like yours, allowing you to get the benefit of their detailed knowledge of this field.

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