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Work Accidents » Falling from vehicles at work

The cost of work injury compensation claims to UK businesses stretches into the billions, with many thousands of people being hurt in workplace accidents each year. The actual cost of an injured worker to an employer can be even more expensive than the compensation claim, as they will often need time off to recover and there may be a fine to pay if health and safety laws were broken.

In 2007, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched a campaign designed to reduce one type of work accident that has a human cost of more than 35 million pounds for fall from vehicles. Often triggered by a slip or trip, these accidents can result in serious personal injuries such as head injuries, back injuries and broken bones.

Causes of falls from vehicles

According to the HSE, three quarters of falls from vehicles happen whilst the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded. This is obviously when there is the most activity in and around the vehicle and involves a lot of climbing in and out, sometimes with workers carrying heavy or unwieldy products.

It is imperative that those handling the goods have proper training on how to carry these loads safely, as slips and falls are much more likely if employees are overloaded or unable to see where they are going because of a poor choice of load. Also, the chance of a work accident is very high for workers who are tired or rushing because they have too tight a schedule to keep to.

While these issues can be solved with training and better management, there are other causes which cannot be solved in these ways. A poor flooring surface of the vehicle itself, for example, is a leading cause of fall accidents, especially when slippery contaminants are present. Mud, water, ice and oil are all substances which workers may often come into contact with while loading their vehicle but these can cause slips and trips with serious consequences.

By buying a vehicle that has safe surfaces, employers can reduce the risk of slip-related work injury compensation claims. They can further lessen this risk by ensuring that workers wear appropriate footwear that will counteract the effects of contaminants which they may well come into contact with.

Experts in work injury compensation

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