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Product liability » Fake medicines and PL

A medicine is a consumer product like any other item, but if you use fake medicines you are far more likely to risk your health than improve it and your only chance of recompense may be to make a product liability claim against the supplier or producer of the drug or appliance.

A campaign Get Real, Get A Prescription, launched in November 2009, reminds millions of people who buy counterfeit medicine over the internet that the products, which should only be obtained on prescription, are likely to have few benefits and may harm or even kill them.

Drug company Pfizer joined the Medicines and Health care products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB), The Patients Association and Heart UK in the campaign to combat this growing trend.

Looking for a bargain online is asking for trouble when you dont know about the ingredients of a fake medicine and when the producers often dont have suitable qualifications. Even medicines with active beneficial ingredients have been found to have the incorrect amounts of drug in them and some have been found to contain rat poison or boric acid.

If you are suffering from a medical complaint or wanting a health care product to improve your life, the GPs surgery should be your first port of call. Apart from being given proper, professional advice and treatment, you can be sure that correctly-prescribed drugs distributed in the UK have been researched and made to the highest regulated standards.

A patient is not expected to know if there are any particular risks associated with taking a drug, but a trained medical practitioner should be fully aware of side effects or unexpected consequences of a treatment.

On the rare occasions when patients suffer problems from taking prescribed medicines, action will be taken by regulatory authorities to ensure the difficulty is not repeated and you have recourse to law and a possible product liability claim if you have been harmed by the medicine, drugs or other healthcare item.

Making a product liability claim

If you have used a pharmaceutical product which has made you unwell, you may wish to look into making a compensation claim for your personal injury.

HappyClaims panel of expert solicitors are experienced in all branches of personal injury law including product liability claims. They are all supervised by the Law Societys solicitors regulatory authority so you can be sure of the best advice, whatever your circumstances.

Its easy to find out if you will be eligible to make a product liability claim, just contact one of our friendly team of legal advisers and we take it from there. For free advice, call 01582 437070.